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The Second Amendment

The First Amendment is first for a reason. [The] Second Amendment is just in case the First one doesn’t work out.

-Dave Chappelle (comedian)

Free speech is imperiled and “cancel culture” has run amuck. Police budgets are being cut, homicides are on the rise, and governments are disarming people like Patricia and Mark McCloskey who stood on their own lawn as a mob destroyed their gate marked with “No Trespassing” and “Private Street” signs then stormed their property. For brandishing firearms in their front yards, they have been vilified in the media despite Mr. McCloskey stating, “The only thing that kept …that crowd, away from us is that we were standing there with guns.” Imagine the treatment of pro-life protesters were they to knock down the gates of private residences. I doubt the media would be so understanding of their cause and so uniform in their ignorance of the well-established [‘a man’s home is his’] Castle Doctrine.

As tolerance of free speech has become selective and crime is on the rise, the FBI announced a record 3.9 million background checks in June, the highest monthly total since the FBI began keeping the statistic in 1998. Adjusting this figure to reflect checks done only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there have been 2.2 million, a 136% increase over June 2019. Gun store owners tell us about 40% of these checks are for first-time gun buyers. They appear to be savvy customers since Joe Biden has a “D-” national lifetime rating with the NRA and would push to make gun manufacturers legally liable for gun violence, which would no doubt raise the cost of legally purchased firearms.

Low morale among police officers and a decline in funding have led increasing numbers of people to believe they will have to defend their own property, families, and lives. In an upside-down world where speech is called violence and real violence is called speech, many Americans feel they have no other option.

During my time in Washington, DC, a jurisdiction that notoriously makes it difficult for law-abiding citizens to legally keep a firearm in the house, I lived across from the street from a housing project. I have seen the aftermath of many shootings. A good friend of mine was thrown to the ground, robbed, and had a gun shoved in his neck. If experience has taught me anything, it’s that bad guys always have guns.

Our founders enshrined the right to bear arms, and we cannot permit this right to be eroded in the face of lawlessness.